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Family Court Judge makes important decisions about...

  • What happens to children who are abused & neglected.

  • How to promote the safety & health of these children.

  • When removal of children from parents is essential.

  • Who gets custody of the kids.

  • Treatment plans for parents with addiction & mental illness.

  • When reunification of families is possible.

  • When termination of parental rights is necessary.

  • Adoption of children into safe & supportive homes.

  • When restraining orders are needed in cases of domestic violence.

  • How property is divided in divorce.

  • When child support needs to be paid.


She has the experience & wisdom that have prepared her to deal with complex issues.

  • 35 years of experience in Family Court.

  • 5 years of judicial experience as a hearing officer.

Terri is...

  • empathetic & listens to all sides of the story.

  • passionate about helping children & families.

  • a civic and church leader.

  • a devoted wife & mother.

As Judge, Terri will...

  • Work with substance abuse specialists, attorneys, and social workers to address treatment for families affected by drug addiction.

  • Collaborate with police, school teachers, psychologists, physicians, and foster parents to keep Kenton County children safe.

  • Apply law to ensure children have safe living conditions free of abuse and neglect.

  • Provide an impartial forum for parents seeking resolution of custody and child support issues.

  • Ensure balanced decision-making that protects the rights of both parents and children.

  • Improve efficiency in reunification services to reduce the number of children in foster care and give kids a permanent home.

  • Encourage the use of non-profit organizations and community partners to provide resources for families in need.

  • Work with community partners such as the Women’s Crisis Center, Catholic Charities, Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky, Welcome House, Brighton Recovery Center, Transitions, Grateful Life, Cross Road Recovery Center, and more.

Vote for Terri King Schoborg
Kenton County Family Court Judge
on May 17, 2022